Silagum has been known for years as a proven and reliable impression material based on VPS. Each single product of the Silagum line is characterized by its exceptional material properties and ease of use. Silagum’s hydrophilicity and thus improved wettability yields a pinsharp reproduction of subgingival areas. From Handmix over automatically mixing to fully automatic mixing with the MixStar system, products are available in a wide variety of application forms. Silagum offers the right solution for any technique and use. Due to its high elasticity, Silagum exhibits a very good recovery after deformation, i.e. an extremely low compression set. It is also this high elasticity that makes removal from the mouth so easy. Any deformation that occurs upon removal safely recovers, thus ensuring precise dimensional reproduction. Thanks to its high surface wettability, Silagum provides optimum adaptation to the tooth substance and mucous membrane in the moist oral environment. Together with the highly flowable viscosity, this enables precise reproduction of subgingival areas. This results in pinsharp impressions, even of the finest details*.