Wave contains specially treated nano-fillers to maximize polishability, wear resistance and strength. Ease of extrusion is improved with the addition of these specially treated nano-fillers. Wave is visible on x-rays. This allows easy identification of secondary caries at the interface. For use in just about every restoration Class V restorations Tunnel / air abrasion preparations Pit and fissure sealants Minimal Class I, II, III, IV restorations Radiopaque cavity liners Cervical abrasion/erosion lesions Abfraction lesions Implant seals Incisal abrasions Repair enamel defects Minor core build-ups Temporary crowns Cement porcelain / ceramic / composite veneers Splint mobile teeth Attach fiber bridges Restorations in deciduous teeth Repair porcelain restorations Block out undercuts in inlay / onlay / crown preparations Cover stains Adhering tooth jewelry Ceramic inserts In an aqueous environment, the fluoride ions in Wave diffuse from the resin into the surrounding tooth. This ionic movement is caused by oral fluid passing in and out of the resin and tooth, acting as a carrier for the fluoride ions. Fluoride’s cariostatic effect enhances remineralization and inhibits enamel demineralization. Wave’s high compressive strength values expand the suitability for multiple applications. Wave contains a fluorescent agent that ensures perfectly natural looking teeth under ultraviolet lights. Wave’s complet tip length is 12.2mm, 40% longer than the alternative of 8.7mm. Wave’s longer tip length allows more direct placement of the material into difficult to reach areas. Wave’s 14 shades are ideal for all anterior and posterior restorations: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B2, B3, C2, C3, D3, OA2, incisal, gingival and bleach. Gingival shade is ideal for restoring cervical lesions in elderly patients. For teeth lighter than B1, Bleach shade is available. A semi-translucent shade, Incisal, is perfect as a final layer for composite restorations. Wave’s UDMA resin system minimizes shrinkage and reduces post operative sensitivity.