LuxaTemp Star

For many years now, the name Luxatemp has been associated internationally with precision-fit temporary crowns and bridges. With the new Luxatemp Star, DMG has made the best even better*! Luxatemp Star boasts new top values in flexural strength and break resistance and improved initial hardness, making the temporaries more stable than ever before. The dauntless bite into a candied apple is no longer a toughness test, neither for the material nor for the relationship between the dentist and the patient. And, of course, something that lasts should also look good for the duration. The extraordinary long-term color stability of Luxatemp Star offers a guarantee you can rely on. Additional benefits in practical use: The material reaches its final hardness even more rapidly. The benefits that have long been associated with Luxatemp have, of course, all been retained: top esthetics and excellent working properties. DMG offers further top-class products related to temporary restorations to supplement Luxatemp Star – from high-gloss varnish to cement. Luxatemp temporaries last longer. This is because emphasis was placed on the aspect of mechanical stability during development. In addition to an improved initial hardness, Luxatemp Star has new top values with regard to break resistance and flexural strength, providing greater stability and a longer shelf life. The flexural strength in particular determines the point at which the material gives way and breaks. Ultimately, this is what the success of a restoration is measured by, because minor deviations can be critical, particularly in the case of two-unit and multi-unit temporaries.